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No. Title Publish time
1 Detailed Handling of Salary Tax Withholdings due to Resident Status Change in the Middle of the Year as a Result of the Departure of a Foreign Employee 2024-04-01
2 Dividend Income Received by Business Entities Should Be Aggregated and Included in the Year’s Last Filing of Tax-Exempt Sales to Adjust Business Taxes 2024-04-01
3 Online application for reduced commodity tax refund without a card reader is fast and easy. 2024-03-11
4 For individuals who reside overseas and have been moved out of a registered residence in the Republic of China, the tax withholder shall withhold the income tax payable in accordance with prescribed withholding rates for non-residents. 2024-02-27
5 When filing the personal property and land transaction income tax for the sale of the house/land, individuals should declare the actual amount paid as the acquisition cost 2024-02-27
6 The submission of the withholding & non-withholding tax statement of 2023 begins from January 2024. Please use the online submission system to save your time and money! 2024-01-09
7 From January 1, 2022, those with irregular transactions or payment methods who obtained many small amounts winning uniform invoices without legitimate reasons will not be awarded. 2023-12-04
8 The National Taxation Bureau Will Soon Conduct Inspections on Implementation of the Common Standard on Reporting and Due Diligence for Financial Institutions. Reporting Financial Institutions Shall Self-Check to Ensure Compliance with Relevant Regulations. 2023-11-10
9 If the head office provides its uniform invoice to a branch office that has not yet completed tax registration for use, there are still penalties even though the head office has already reported the sales and paid the business tax. 2023-11-10
10 How should individuals who desire to sell a house/land acquired after 2016 and have not registered a household in Taiwan at the time of filing a tax return file the house and land transaction income tax? 2023-10-11
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