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No. Title Publish time
1 Can The Public Apply for A Refund of The Reduced Commodity Tax for Scrapping A Used Gasoline Fueled Motorcycle And Replacing It with A New Electric Motorcycle? 2022-06-02
2 If The Monthly Sales Amount of Goods or Services Sold on The Internet Reaches The Minimum Taxation Threshold for Business Tax, The Sellers Should Apply for Taxation Registration. 2022-06-02
3 Since January 1, 2022, No Prizes Will Be Awarded to Uniform Invoices for Acquisition of A Large Number of Small-value Uniform Invoices without Valid Reasons by Means of Irregular Transactions or Payments. 2022-05-11
4 If A Pharmacist Starts A New Pharmacy Selling Nonprescription Drugs or Products, Taxation Registration Is Required! 2022-05-05
5 Response to COVID-19 Epidemic Situation, Filing Period and Deadline for Payment of Tax of 2021 Alien Individual Income Tax will be Extended to June 30th, 2022. 2022-05-04
6 Tax Refund Checks Are Only Valid for One Year, So Please Collect Them As Soon As Possible. 2022-04-22
7 How to File The House And Land Transactions Income Tax Return upon Selling The Inherited House And Land Due to Inability to Repay The Inherited Mortgage? 2022-04-22
8 For Individuals Buying Pre-Sale Houses And Selling Them After They Are Completed, The Holding Period of The Completed Houses Does Not Include The Pre-Sale Stage 2022-03-15
9 Business Entities Selling Food Or Beverages And Collecting Parking Fees By Vending Machines, Should Issue A Uniform Invoice Transaction-By-Transaction to The Buyer Since January 1, 2022 2022-03-15
10 The Public Service Pension Fund Paid Or Voluntary Pension Contributed By Military Servants, Civil Servants, Teachers And Political Appointees Will Be Deducted from The Taxpayer's Taxable Salary from January, 1, 2021. Please Pay Attention To It When Filing Withholding Tax 2022-02-14
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