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Site Map

This website is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, therefore it is designed with Accesskey settings in order to provide service to all people.
The content of this website is divided into 4 areas:(1) upper block, (2) intermediate content block, (3) left block, (4) lower block.
This website's Accesskey settings are as below:
    Alt+U: upper blick, containing Home, Site Map, FAQs and so on.
    Alt+C: intermediate content block, providing the principal information of the webpage.
    Alt+L: left block, for selecting the options on the left block fo the webpage.
    Alt+Z: lower block, for selecting the options on the lower block of the webpage.

※When this website project labels is unable selected by the mouse spot, you may use the following keyboard operating mode to glance over the material.

    Tab:Pauses after this label, may move using the Tab key to the content page glances over this material, meets when the radio button please coordinate to use ← → or↑↓to move the project order.

    Tab + Shift:Presses Tab + Shift to be possible the round trip migration to the previous material;When moves to the label project you may continue to use ← → or↑↓to move the label order.

Last updated:2024-06-21