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No. Title Publish time
1 A Partnership Cannot be Changed to a Sole Proprietorship 2022-08-01
2 A delinquency Charge will be 1% of the Unpaid Tax and be Charged” Every 3 Days” Starting from 2022 2022-07-30
3 Taxpayers Shall Pay Attention to the Applicability of Preference Tax Rate for Transactions of Self-use House and Land 2022-07-20
4 Can The Public Apply for A Refund of The Reduced Commodity Tax for Scrapping A Used Gasoline Fueled Motorcycle And Replacing It with A New Electric Motorcycle? 2022-06-02
5 If The Monthly Sales Amount of Goods or Services Sold on The Internet Reaches The Minimum Taxation Threshold for Business Tax, The Sellers Should Apply for Taxation Registration. 2022-06-02
6 Since January 1, 2022, No Prizes Will Be Awarded to Uniform Invoices for Acquisition of A Large Number of Small-value Uniform Invoices without Valid Reasons by Means of Irregular Transactions or Payments. 2022-05-11
7 If A Pharmacist Starts A New Pharmacy Selling Nonprescription Drugs or Products, Taxation Registration Is Required! 2022-05-05
8 Response to COVID-19 Epidemic Situation, Filing Period and Deadline for Payment of Tax of 2021 Alien Individual Income Tax will be Extended to June 30th, 2022. 2022-05-04
9 Tax Refund Checks Are Only Valid for One Year, So Please Collect Them As Soon As Possible. 2022-04-22
10 How to File The House And Land Transactions Income Tax Return upon Selling The Inherited House And Land Due to Inability to Repay The Inherited Mortgage? 2022-04-22
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