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Corporate cards or the credit card of the person in charge may be used for online payment of profit-seeking enterprise income tax!

The filing period for the 2023 profit-seeking enterprise income tax return is from May 1 to May 31, 2024. This year, the “Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax Return e-Filing and Tax Payment System” has been enhanced with the new function of “credit card online payment for profit-seeking enterprise income tax,” providing greater convenience to taxpayers.

The National Taxation Bureau of Kaohsiung, Ministry of Finance, states that the primary operating procedures for the “Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax Return e-Filing and Tax Payment System” are file creation, conversion and export of filing documents and data, front-end review, and submission for tax returns filing.

When uploading tax return filing documents, taxpayers are required to log in using their account password or MOEACA ID card, select the credit card tax payment method, choose either the credit card(corporate card) of the profit-seeking business or the credit card of the responsible person, and then enter the credit card data to obtain authorization to complete the tax return filing and payment of taxes. Each payment is limited to one credit card only. However, this does not apply to tax return filing cases during specific accounting years or the filing of income tax returns ending on the date of dissolution or during liquidation.

The Bureau specially reminds taxpayers that, once the credit card payment authorization is successful, it cannot be canceled or corrected. Upon completion of the filing, taxpayers may visit the online tax payment service website(https://paytax.nat.gov.tw) to check the payment records. If you have any tax related questions, feel free to dial the toll-free 0800-000-321. If you have any system operations related questions, please dial the toll-free numbers 0809-088-198 (during the filing period) or 0809-085-188(during non-filing period). Our dedicated team at the National Taxation Bureau is here to help. You can also visit the Ministry of Finance’s “The e-Filing and Tax Payment Service of the Ministry of  Finance” (https://tax.nat.gov.tw) website to use the national tax smart customer service tool, “National Tax Assistant” (tax related problems) and “Bo Er Bang”(system operations related problems)for online inquiries. 

Contact person: Collection and Information Management Division, Ms. Wu
Tel: (07)7256600 ext.7811 


Last updated:2024-05-09