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What Is E-Filing System?

What Is E-Filing System?

What Is E-Filing System?
E-Filing is a system that provides you a way to file individual income tax online. It means you can file the tax anytime anywhere in May.

Why should I use e-Filing system?
1.To get the refund more quickly.
2.To have multiple ways of paying tax online.
3.To file the tax at home.
4.To download your tax data(including Income, Deduction, etc.) for reference.
5.To learn how the tax works in Taiwan.

How to login e-Filing system?
To login the system, you only need the matched ARC and Passport number.
Additionally, there are the other 5 ways you can not only login the system butdownload your tax data(including income, deduction, etc.).

Can I upload the attachments when I use e-Filing system?
No, the system is not available to upload the documents.
If you have supplementary documents to submit, you still have to mail (or bring) to the jurisdictional tax authority.

Last updated:2019-10-16