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Individual Income Tax

1. Proxy Statement    
    ˙Chinese-English Version [DOC] [ODT]
    ˙Chinese-Thai Version [DOC] [ODT]
    ˙ Chinese-Vietnamese Version [DOC] [ODT]
    ˙ Chinese-Indonesian Version [DOC] [ODT]
2. Receiving Your Tax Refund    [DOC] [ODT]
3. Agent Appointment and Acceptance Form for Individual Income Tax [DOC] [ODT]
4. Termination of Agent Appointment and Acceptance for Individual Income Tax [DOC] [ODT]
5. Individual Income Tax Statement Application [DOC] [ODT]
6. Proxy of Individual Income Tax Statement Application [DOC] [ODT]
7. Proxy of Individual Income List Application [DOC] [ODT]
8. Individual Resident Certificate [DOC] [ODT] [PDF]
9. Agent Appointment and Acceptance Form [DOC] [ODT]
10. Declaration(Assessment)Form for Personal Losses in Cases of Disaster [DOC] [ODT] [PDF]
11.Application for Exemption from Income Tax for Foreign Special Professionals [DOC] [ODT] [PDF]

12.List of annual cases of employed lawyers [ODT]

13.Approved letter of employed lawyer [ODT]

Last updated:2023-03-27